I did the Chi-town half marathon yesterday with virtually zero training and I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out. In fact I checked off just about everything that you’re not supposed to do:

  • Inconsistent training. I had logged a total of about 76 miles before the race since the beginning of the year. The longest consecutive string was 6. 
  • Day Before Food: greasy Mexican, cheesesteak, fries, and beer
  • Brand new shoes. I switched to Asics after running in brooks for years. I put 0.97 miles on them before the race

The morning of, I had half a picky bar and some green tea. Green tea has become my pre-run morning beverage  of choice. It doesn’t have the same, ahem, Accelerant qualities as coffee. 

The result: 2:46:40. For context, my first ever half was 3:30:something, my best was 2:30:something. This race, despite the slow time and pain from lack of training, did exactly what I had hoped. It reminded me how far I’ve come: from not being able to run a mile without stopping to running 13.1 like it’s not big deal. It confirmed that my mental toughness has grown quite a bit, even if I have farther to go. And it proved that if I keep running I can expect great things from myself. 

Here’s to frivolity meeting grit!  


Post-race recovery :-)


On Sunday, a brutally cold spring morning in Chicago, a young woman was surveying the throngs of shivering runners. Despite her warrior’s instinct to cut that shit out, she too began shivering in her green spandex, effortlessly blending in with the recreational runners in their expensive clothing and high-tech gear. She knew that fortitude and mental toughness comes from relentless hard work and fanatic devotion, not blog posts and the newest fitness band. 

In her quest to gain a thorough understanding of the crowd, the young warrior made her way to a corner bakery. The weaker minions were huddling together for warmth before they had to run, requiring extensive undercover research that would fill the time before she was required at the start line. 

Comfortable that there would be no shenanigans among the wave 2 set, she started the race at a brisk trot, quickly establishing an invisible force field that would allow her to complete her mission without disturbing surrounding runners. At the perfect spot on Bridge One, she used her leg as a pole, jamming her heel in a hole, locking the knee, and gracefully doing a somersault over the straightened leg, rolling to her feet with minimal effort and unnoticed by the surrounding runners. She had now completed the last task to becoming a running ninja !!

Who will the hubby gas out first?  His office, the cats, or me?

Lunch for the week::

  • Pancetta *
  • Kale
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Cruciferous Mix
  • Canned Chickpeas
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Red Quinoa
  • Olive Oil/Balsamic
  • Salt/Pepper

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but it was pretty flavorless and uninteresting.  Probably should have mad sure I had all of the spices.

* I thought I bought pancetta, but the package said prosciutto even though it was in little cubes. I didn’t know prosciutto came in little cubes so I’m sticking with Pancetta


Today’s Accomplishments:

1)  Signing up for a half marathon a month away w/few miles under my belt.

2)  Getting a hair cut that makes me look like Edna E. Mode.

All in all a day of smart decisions.  Please excuse me while I go nap…I mean run.

yoga mat drawing

Blog Drawing Dishes

Blog Drawing Cant Sleep

PotatoChipsPotatoChipsPotatoBREATHE! In…out…in…out NewParksandRec!BREATHEIn…out…in……out…………in…………zzzz…..out….WAKE UP!

Happy New Year!

After my WAY overly ambitious cleaning/organizing goals, I’ve re-strategized the organization project and made some decisions about my athletic goals.

-Spend 15 minutes doing a quick Cleaning sweep of our home everyday.
-Spend a minimum of 3 hours a week on the organization project.
-By February 1st have the living room re-arranged, and the DVDs sorted, organized, thrown out…(or should they be saved for a cool craft proj NO, no saving. The goal is to remove useless crap from our home)

This year is looking like it will be very busy, and no, realistically I will not be getting my ass outside for a run in ten degree weather. I kept these things in mind when thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.
-Run two Half-Marathons
-Take Belly-Dancing
-Take Yoga three times a week
-Lose Weight/Flab (5 lbs in 4 weeks to start out)
-Gain Strength
-No alcohol for 4 weeks

My plan is to use January (and probably February) to get in shape to get in shape. Lots of classes, and exploring.

Stay Warm!

My home looks like a bomb went off.


I knew this was going to happen.  I know its part of the process.  But damn, if it doesn’t suck.  I was definitely too ambitious, and my new goal is to restore things to some semblance of order before we leave in two weeks.

I was even feeling super smug and confident when I decided I would hang S-Hooks on a tension rod in my bedroom closet for my bras and camis….but the S-hooks are just too small.  And No, there were no bigger S-Hooks available in bulk, and No, tension rods don’t come any smaller at any Chicago area Home Depot.  My temporary solution is to drape my bras over the tension rods, and hang the camis from S-hooks hanging from a hanger.



Look at them mocking me.  Just waiting for a Monday morning, when I’m running late, to come crashing to the floor as I rip a shirt off the hook in a hurry, metal flying everywhere, cat hair targeting the few clean and hair-free garments in my closet.

Deep Breath.

There are quite a few corners stuffed with outdated forms of information.  DVDs we haven’t touched in years, with a handful of exceptions….books, magazines, craft supplies

How would you handle this stuff in a city apartment?





My goal for December is pretty aggressive since I really have only two weekends before we are traveling for the holidays. My thought is if I focus 98% of my energy on getting rid of junk now, deep cleaning will be significantly easier later. I also love the idea of coming back from Christmas to a clutter free and organized home.  Luckily, the weather is cooperating….

I was going to list all of the nooks and crannies that need purging, but that would be impossible. Even though seeing a really long list getting crossed off is always motivational. Instead, my plan is going to be pretty vague. Once I get going, I tend to go where the mood strikes, and there’s no need to adhere to a strict schedule if I’m getting things done.   Here’s my plan with some before pictures, though they don’t do justice to the amount of crap shoved in drawers and hiding in corners.

By EOD 12/8/13 clean out:



Living Room

Hall Closet

By EOD 12/15/13 clean out:


Dining Room

Storage Unit

Happy Organizing!!


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